☆Trendwatching -> Ranzuki (11) + Popteen (10) ☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
thank you so much for all the lovely comments to my previous posts!!!
i try to answer them soon!! 
i´m very busy at the moment, but after monday i have more time ^-^
wel today i wanna show you some clothes and stuff which are really popular in autumn in japan  right now!

first, some scans from Ranzuki (November ed.)
super popular is everything with leo print right now!!
oversized sweater are IN as well!
mostly in black-white striped or just white!

and super HYPED is this whole british style recently!
so, let´s see what Popteen (October ed.)  says!
of course you can see here as well the Leo stuff!
the oversized white and white-striped sweater are in Popteen as well
popular as well are high waisted pants and blouses (with dots) and cute collars!
~ everything with LEO print!
~ Oversized white or black-white striped sweater!
 ~British Style! ~ red checkered stuff!
~ high waisted shorts and shirts with cute white collars!
the things i bought, following this style, are those:
leo cardigan
oversized sweater
dotted blouse and shirt with a cute white collar
what do you say?
do you like this style?!
and what are your recent purchases while following this style?
well, tomorrow i fly to Düsseldorf for visiting a japanese festival and meeting my friends!
i´m really excited !
this will be my outfit for Saturday!
so i´m back Monday night!
Upcoming Posts!
~Yui Kanno photobook 1+2 scans and favourites!
~weekend report: baltic sea
~weekend report: Düsseldorf
oh and yesterday i read that Yamapi and Ryo left NEWS!!
that made me really sad...
couldn´t stop crying for 10min ;__;
i love Yamapi so much but he´s just perfect WITH news!
i love his solo acts as well, but it´s not the same ;____;
here is my fav NEWS song!


  1. I`m really loving the UK style!
    It`s everywhere in Tokyo..not only gal fashion but really..EVERYWHERE. ^^ I can`t get enough of it so it`s oki by me. ^^v
    Cute outfit for Saturday!^^v Have fun!

  2. Also gehst du auf dem Japantag?
    Das Outfit ist supersüß! :3

  3. I love the stuff with the cute collars :D <3 So kawaii.

  4. Süßes Outfit!!! Ich liebe den Leostyle auch und kauf mir derzeit zich Leo-Teile, hauptsächlich jedoch Schals :)
    Die neue Popteen brauch ich auch noch :3

    LG Berry

  5. So cute post :}
    And I like leo print ^^

  6. Don't you wish there was a magic potion that lets you see an outfits in the magazine and it immediately shows up in your closet?

  7. Waa, dein Outfit ist so süß!! Ich muss mich dann auch mal auftakeln, obwohl es abends doch ganz schön kühl wird trotz schönem Wetter! Wenn wir bis zum schluss, sprich Feuerwerk bleiben wollen, müssen wir noch ne Jacke oder sowas mitnehmen XD

    Ich freu mich auch schon, heute Abend seh ich dich! :)

  8. Wow :D Mach so ein 'Trend-Watching' bitte öfter. Find ich super klasse, auch wenn mich keine 10 Pferde dazu bringen irgendwas mit LEO-Print zu tragen <3
    Das Outfit für den Japantag ist echt süß, aber wird das nicht zu kalt? Strumpfhosen mein Kind, sonst gibts noch ne üble Blasenentzündung. Abends wirs saukalt!.. :O

  9. Tolle Sachen hast du dir gekauft ; A ;


  10. ich find die outfits der Ranzuki so LIEBE ♥
    *_*ich sollte mir die auch mal kaufen <3

    dein outfit ist auch einfach ZUCKERSÜß! *-*

    Leo-Print <3333

    ♥ ♥

  11. Hi!! :)
    I really like your blog !!
    I follow you :)
    ... maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)

  12. I love love love the clothes you bought!! OMG! :D