☆Tokyo Day 23☆-> Yokohama

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
today Sesin and me went to Yokohama, for meeting my lovely friends Tomomi and Mizuki!
first we went to ヨドバシカメラ! 
there we bought a 電子辞書 and new earphones for my ケータイ!
afterwards we went to a huuuuge shopping mal!
 we went to a Ghibli store and to the Pokemon center haha
 i LOVE TOTORO so much!!! super lovely!
i don´t like Pokemon, but it was nice to see all the cute kids who are crazy about it!
than we went to the Cupnoodles Museum!
while walking to the museum we saw some nice things hehe
than we arrived at the museum!
from a balcony located near the food court we had an awesome view of the river!
the fan shop haha
it was really funny, and the food was good haha!
so when you´re in yokohama someday, please go there and take a look~
than we went to Chinatown with the subway~
cute Tomomi
than we ate 肉まん
actually Japan goes crazy right now about the whole k-pop scene! 
so you´ll find fanshops everywhere!!!!
well, i was really happy about that hahaha
of course i had to buy something haha
so i got 2 notebooks from my favourite korean band BEAST!
than Tomomi and Mizuki wanted to eat some dumplings filled with soup!
it was really yummy, BUT super hot and difficult to eat haha
afterwards we went to the game center for Purikura!
than we had some bubble tea and went back to the main station in yokohama!
it was a really great day!!! 
thank you!


  1. aww wunderschöne bilder *_* totor und rilakkuma sind echt supersüß*-* meine lieblingscharaktere :3

  2. Yokohamaaaaaaa~~ ♥
    Ich vermisse es total! Ich liebe diese Stadt!
    Das Cup Noodel Museum sieht ja cool aus! Ich war in Yokohama bis jetzt nur im Ramen Museum und bei Anpanman! xD

  3. WOWO aNioddles museum Crazy!!!