☆Tokyo Day 22☆-> Kamakura!

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
since today we have the JR Pass for one week!
so we decided to go to Kamakura today!
before that we went to Shinjuku!
first we had lunch in a typical restaurant.
i ordered カレー
afterwards we went up to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building!
there we had an awesome view over Tokyo!~
than we went back to McDonalds, ´cause now Sesin wanted to eat.
in this game center i got this super lovely Rilakkuma bag!
so afterwards we finaly went to Kamakura!!!
we stalked some school kids haha~
after some minutes the teacher got angry, stood up and crossed his arms to us, ´cause we were taking fotos haha
than we ate some ice cream at the Konbini lol
than we went to the beach!!!!
it looked pretty bad ´cause of the typhoon all garbage was washed up to the beach.
so some guys were cleaning it~
cuuute little boy! omg i´m so in love with japanese little kids. 
all of them are so super cute and lovely!!!
than we found this german restaurant haha
we found a cute little old shrine near the street!
a kindergarten!
oh i found this cute shell at the beach!
actually our plan was to go seeing the huuuge daibatsu...but somehow we took the wrong way...haha
at home we had bento dinner haha
and afterwards we had a little drinking party in front of our house!!
after 4 cans i felt a bit dizzy haha
but this stuff is the beeeeeeeeest!!!
Germany should import that!
oh and i bought 2 old kat-tun dvd´s today!


  1. Awesome Fotos! It looks like much fun adn japanese kids are just tooo cute! *O*
    Thank you for the posts. I´m going to japan next year again and looking for nice places to visit =D

  2. omg I love the pics of tokyo city*_*
    remind me of "lost in translation"^^

  3. Marion sieht cool aus auf dem Autoreifen. ^^

    Viel Spaß euch noch!


  4. Super cute, such beautiful photos :D x
    well done ^-^

  5. so great pictures *_* and the food looks nice too!

  6. ♥♥♥Amazing photos♥♥♥