☆Tokyo Day 4☆->SM Town, Shibuya (109)

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
today we went to the Tokyo Dome ´cause there was the SM TOWN concert~!!!
at the merchandise stalls we got niceee bags hehe 
cute Sesin!~
afterwards we went to Shibuya!
we went also to SBY 109
Liz Lisa store!!
Ank Rouge store! somehow i was really disapointed of this shop...in Popteen it always looks so cute and the homepage is really great as well...but the store...didn´t convinced me
the clothes weren´t so nice....
afterwards we went to Tapimonica and had some Bubble Tea!
while drinking your tea you can also style yourself, using hair straighteners haha
at the 8th floor we went to the SBY store with much Dolly Wink advertising hehe
there i bought some DW eyeshadow, and i got a Tsubasa notebook for free as a present hehe
some nice food samples haha
Shinee advertising
and finally we ate TERIYAKI burger *_________*
gosh, i´ve missed it so much hahaha
and here are some nice pictures which marion made
please check her tumblr!
our food we bought haha
aaaand dinner!
our fridge is just filled with Lipton ice tea hahaha

and finaly the things i´ve bought today!!!
SM TOWN bag, brown wig, Dolly Wink eye shadow! ^-^/


  1. Lipton Milk Tea ey...können die da snich einfach hier auch verkaufen?!?! TOT sowas gemeines...~
    Die Katze auf dem einen Bild oha OO dick ♥

  2. looks like so much fun being in japan>u< ur so lucky i wanna go too someday ^u^

  3. I'm so jealous! I love dw! And liz lisa! >u<

  4. danke auch an dich (・∀・)ニァニァ
    hab gearbeitet in XOXO kisskiss (3.stock) ^^
    aah, ich will auch wieder hin shoppen (泣)(T-T)
    die shopp staffs sind meistens voll nett (^^)d
    hab noch viiiel spass!!
    und schon wieder lauter essen das ich gern in meiner kueche haette XD

  5. Ahhh, ich will auch bei euch in Tokyo sein! Viel Spaß weiterhin!

  6. *_*
    ich will auch bei euch in tokyo sein. x3

    die bilder sind so toll ♥ ^-^
    ich wünsch euch noch ganz viel spaß

    Liz Lisa Store <3333333 *///*

  7. looks like you guys are having fun :)