☆Tokyo Day 7☆->Harajuku+GETS

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
 today we went to Harajuku~
first we went to the Liz Lisa store haha
i looked for an outfit which i saw in Shinjuku-ALTA the day before yesterday, but i couldn´t find it....
so i bought a little carpet for my room haha
so lovely ne~
well i talked with the shop staff for a while. omg she was so so cute~
we took pictures together~
she also took a picture from Sesin and me haha
we also got a Liz Lisa member card now hehe
for every 2000Yen you get one stamp haha...
so it´s easy to get stamps, ´cause there is mostly nothing you can buy under 2000Yen haha
afterwards we met Marion at the station
we made some purikura~
on the way some guy talked to us looking for models haha
this is the page lol
 and here the Purikura
 afterwards we had some Bubble Tea haha  chocolate milktea is so yummy

cute Sesin haha

at Claire´s Sesin and me bought some cute fur balls for our cell phones
and in another store i bought some cute notebooks~
i also took a picture with the shop staff~
she was so cute as well~
don´t look at my ugly face lol
kyary pamyu pamyu
and my dinner hahaha
just for 300Yen haha!
thank you for all your lovely comments!!!
it makes me really happy!
so tomorrow Sesin and me will go to the Kana Nishino concert!!!
i´m so excited hehe


  1. Huhu <333

    mir gehts fein XD hihi ♥
    ich hoffe euch auch ♥

    aww LIEBE LIEBE LIEBE *_* -> deine Bilder ♥
    Liz Lisa <33 *-* ich freu mich schon wenn ich mal da shoppen kann T///T
    wuuii~ x3 traumhaft x3

    die Puris von euch sind auch so süß *-*

    lg <3<3

  2. ach schön das ihr so viel spaß habt - tolle bilder :) ich bekomm grad voll heimweh aber in knapp 4 monaten bin ich ja auch in japan. übrigens das oberteil das du da trägst ist echt hübsch - steht dir voll gut ^^

  3. Really love the carpet! And it's so cute that the staff wants to join the picture- in Sweden you would probably get punched in the face for asking. xD

  4. ahhh i am so envious ♥

    I love that liz lisa carpet!! (^ ^)

  5. Oh, so unseriös wirkt diese Modelseite ja nichtmal xDDD

    Viel Spaß bei dem Konzert morgen ♥ bzw bei euch heute XD

  6. Viel Spaß beim Konzert!

    Ihr seht alle so super schick aus!! XD