☆Tokyo Day 1☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
 so we arrived in Tokyo today!
the flight by British Airways was really nice! compared to last year with Air France haha
here are some pics from today!
from Berlin to London!
little snack haha
@ Heathrow
and here the food...
lunch~japanese style!
and the breakfast,....it was so disgusting haha
after 12 hours we arrived at Narita Airport!
and we took the Kansei Skyliner to Nippori and changed into Yamanote line to Nishinippori!
at Nishinippori we met the landlord of our apartment!
we went to our new home and it´s so cute haha!
he also gave us our Kana Nishino concert tickets!!
can´t wait to go to the concert haha
afterwards we went through the district with our landlord.
he showedsome nice spots to hang around haha
he also bought beer for us!!
nice guy ~
at night we went to the super market and we found one which wasn´t a Combini!
what revolution haha
they sell German cucumber for about 6€ and Sauerkraut for about 3€!!!
stupid haha~
aaaaaan finally i got my new Popteen issue hahaha
actually i don´t own the August and September ones, but the one from october is nice as well haha

Good Night!


  1. Ugh also das Frühstück..sieht j aecht nich Bombe aus xDDD ♥ und woah ihr habt echt Glück mit dem Apartment wohl ♥ wie kamt ihr da ran? Das dass wir hatten gibt's nicht mehr T^T

  2. awwwww~ schöne bilder^^
    popteeeeeen! (T///T) ich will auch wieder eine haben ;0;
    viiiel spaß^^

  3. Huhu <333

    aww popteen <3333 ♥
    das cover gefällt mir sogar XD hehe ♥

    die bilder sind echt mega himmlisch <3
    freu mich auf deine restlichen posts <3

    Lg <3

  4. Wuensch dir superviel spass!!!
    airfrance is echt kacke, flieg seitdem immer austrian ww
    aah, beneid dich soo! will auch wieder nach tokyo(ToT)

  5. Kyaaa you're in Japan now!!! Please take many pictures so we can see how much you're enjoying there!!!! ^o^

    Again many thanks thanks thanks for your cute presents!!!!

  6. ahhh im envious!!
    have an amazing time!

    are you living there now?

  7. How lucky!! A trip to Japan!! Hope you enjoy it, and that you share all the photos in the blog!

  8. I love going on trips! Have fun~ I'm so jelly of the kana nishino tickets T~T be sure to takes lots and lots of pictures for her concert :)

  9. waah, u're so lucky! I've always wanted to go to Japan, please post up mooooore picture okay? XD~~~

    have a nice day Nene =D

  10. Ich hab Heimweh XDDD Will auch wieder zurück nach Hause! Euch wünsche ich tolle vier Wochen!

  11. Dank dir ist meine Vorfreude auf Japan zurück gekehrt! ♥
    Vielen Dank! :)