☆Tokyo Day 18☆-> Roppongi + AGEHA

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
thank you for all your lovely comments to my last posts!
 today Marion and me went to Roppongi.
There we met our japanese and german friends!
together we had dinner at a restaurant in Roppongi Hills!
well but the food was super spicy...i couldn´t eat much...
afterwards we went to the top floor of Roppongi Hills and watched the night view of Tokyo!!!
omg it was so amazing!!!
such a wonderful view!!!
afterwards we went to the museum at the same floor but it was super boring...
than we said good bye to our german friends and had some coffe with our japanese friends!
about 23:00 we met up with Tetsuo in Shibuya!
we went to a bar and had some drinks!
abou 01:00 we went to a bus station and took the chuttle bus to the club called Ageha!
it´s the biggest club in whole Asia!
nice little trip haha
full of party people ! 
as we arrived Tetsuo introduced us to his friends!
here we could lock up our bags~
we went inside and omg...i was so so amazed!!!!
such an awesome club!!
the area was so huge, and i really love the outside areas!!!
with a beach bar, and a pool and stuff!
somehow i ended up really drunk haha
but i could remember everything afterwards! so it was ok~
omg we look so bad hahaha
it was in the morning, maybe about 5:00....
Good Morning Tokyo haha
about 6:30 we had to leave the club....
so we were just sitting on the street and enjoyed the morning sun haha
 everyone was tired haha
we were back home about 8:00~
Tetsuo came with us ´til Nishinippori haha


  1. OMG!! What a party you had together!!! I didn't know that club but it looks...awesome!!! *_______*

  2. Wow some lovely photos, very cute <3

  3. OMG party party!!! the club looks awesome! cool pics! have a nice day n.n