☆Tokyo Day 16☆->Sunshine City Aquarium + Maid Café

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
thank you for all your lovely comments to my last posts!
today i went to Ikebukuro today with Sesin, to meet my friend Yukie!
Together we decided to go to the Aquarium in Sunshine City!!

cute カレー!
cute Yukie hehe
omg this cute boy in the front was so so stylish!!!
he wore a leo printed hat!!! *__*
it was so so great!!!
i bought a super cute jelly fish as a phone strap hehe
afterwards we went shopping!
i just bought a cute top in black and white hehe and some frilled socks!
in the evening we decided to go to a Maid Café hahaha
Yukie wanted to go there but she was a little scared, so we joined her of course wwww
omg it was so weird haha, but also cute
so super cute!
i ordered this cute bear sundae!!!
it was so yummy!!! *__*
look at the cute maid in the back of the pic hehe
afterwards we went to the game center and made Purikura!!!

at night we ate Teriyaki burger!!!


  1. Rilakkuma <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 *-* ♥

    die bilder sind echt mega süß *-*
    Schildkröten <33 *-*

    ich hoffe ihr habt noch schöne himmlische restliche tage <3

    lg~ ♥

  2. niiiiiice^^ schöne bilder *_* du hast n richtig schönen urlaub da :3
    das curry sieht toll aus ;0;

  3. omg...the fishie kare looks so yummy and kawaii! Japan is surely full of cute things! I really really want to be there now>.<

  4. I love going to aquariums!As always it looks like so much fun~ giant rilakkuma <3

  5. Ahhh, das Aquarium hat wieder auf, wie toll! Es war mal ne Weile geschlossen wegen Renovierung!

  6. Wie geil xD Ich war damals auch bei MaiDreamin <3 So süße Mädels da <3<3

  7. omg~ The food at the maid cafe seem so cute & yummy~