☆Tokyo Day 13☆->Asakusa + Shibuya

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
thank you for all your lovely comments to my last posts!
today i went to Asakusa!
omg i really LOVE this place!!!
it´s so traditional and cute and beautiful and arwww~
here are some pics!!!
at this little shop i bought かき水!
yummyyyy with lemon flavour!
afterwards i went to a book shop and leafed through all Johnnys magazines hahaha
omg i want the new Potato mag with KAME *__*
well, afterwards i went to Shibuya for shopping!
i made some pics from the station looking at the crossroads!
well i went to SBY 109 and bought a super cute blouse at INGNI!
an hour later Sesin came to the SBY 109 as well.
we went to Liz Lisa and i bought some cute autumn clothes from the nem collection!
super cute!
of course i also took a picture from the cute shop staff again haha
afterwards we had some yummy sundaes at the food court in 109~
choco strawberry flavour! *___*
afterwards i bought a new DW eyeliner and got a 2nd Tsubasa notebook haha
so at night we decided to go to Karaoke haha
we had to practice haha
now we found songs which we can sing reaaallyyyy good haha
than we made some puris
and at night we took a rest near Hachiko haha
Good Night ^-^


  1. *-*
    die fotos sind alle so mega schön ^o^

    die sachen die du dir gekauft hast sind auch toll *-* liz lisa <33

    viel spaß noch ♥

  2. Das Wetter ist sooo schön in JP, aber wahrscheinlich immer noch sehr heiß, oder? Genieß die Zeit auch weiterhin!

  3. omg you make me drool... I want want want to be there NOW >.<~