☆Tokyo Day 6☆-> Ikebukuro, Shinjuku-> GETS

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
 today Sesin and me went to Ikebukuro and Shinjuku for shopping~
so we´re here in Tokyo for one week now, and i didn´t bought anything special yet, so today we decided that we HAVE TO buy something haha
first we went to Ikebukuro and took some puris!
we found a reaaaallyyyy nice puri machine which made the best ones ´til now
here´s sesin in front of the machine haha
cute ne~
alpaca everywhere in the game center haha
and sesin and me again~
next to rilakkuma haha
afterwards we went to the Sunshine City Shopping Center and had "breakfast"...well it was 4pm haha
we had bubble tea with ice cream on top of it ....yummy!
i really missed bubble tea haha
didn´t had it for a week now lol
here are some pics from the SC
she was so lovely!!! *___*
KLEIN PLUS haha what a cute name!
at Pink Mix i bought a super cute top!
and the shop staff was so kind and cute!!
 on the way to the train station i bought some Dolly Wink lashes in a set!
it was pretty cheap! for this price you normaly get ONE pack of lashes and here you got 2 different lashes and a case for the same price! 
so afterwards we went to Shinjuku - ALTA
first i bought some tights and overknees!
i got 3 pairs for 1000Yen, super cheap!
i bought them here
we also saw a store which sold BJD´s
well actually i don´t like those dolls...can´t understand why people spend so much money for stuff like that...but the ones in the window looked cute so we took some pictures
than i bought some lovely looking shoes in the next store~
and at Jewel Ring i bought a super cute top-dress!!!
i saw it some days ago at ALTA as well and fell totaly in love with it haha
so today i bought it!
and omg the shop staffs were so so super cute!!!
i was so glad, i´ve understand her japanese so well, and she did understand my japanese too
i was so happy and proud haahaha 
we took a picture together~
omg i look so ugly ...
both of them were wearing the top i´ve bought just in different colors hehe
after shopping we went to マック and had teriyaki burger! best burger in the world haha
looking down to the streets of Shinjuku haha

 so tomorrow we´ll go to Harajuku and Yoyogi park !~
good night ^^/


  1. amazing pics *_* die sachen sehen so schön aus *0* und ihr zwei auch^^

  2. you two are so cute ♡(>◡<)♡
    und viel spass in harajuku!!

  3. wow, I really must go to Japan some day... But I would probably die a shopping related death. xD

  4. OMG you 2 are so cute!!! *O* I like your outfits!!!! And your buys!! *______* I wish I was there!! >__<

  5. So cute and cool! Looks like alot of fun! ~ <3

  6. you are so cute! look like u guys have a really great day, ya? girls, can't stop shopping, me too :p
    please visit my blog sometime. thank u :*

  7. omg... *___* das karierte outfit von der verkäuferin was auch nochmal deneben hängt *LIEBE* das gibt es nicht zufällig auch in etwas breiterem umfang? xDDDD

    ihr seid so süß:3 warum gibt es das alles nicht hier? T___T

  8. *_*
    so tolle bilder ♥
    die Puris von euch sind auch mega süß *_*

    Tsu-chan <333 *___* XD

    tolle sachen hast du dir gekauft *-*

    >.< es sollte sowas auch hier geben ._.

    ich wünsch euch noch eine himmlische zeit <33

  9. Ahhh, das Sunshine!!! Meine Lieblingsmall überhaupt!!Ich war immer im Sunshine, wir wohnten 3 Minuten davon weg XDDD Ahhh, wie sehr ich es vermisse da einzukaufen, die hatten einfach alles da, ich musste nicht nach Shibuya oder Shinjuku dafür XDD