☆Tokyo Day 11☆->Liz Lisa GETS + Shibuya theme restaurant + Karaoke

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
 tonight we met up with Fredrik, Maija and Ko!
maybe you know Fredrik from his AgepoyoBlog?
well we met about 19:00 at Shibuya in front of Hachiko statue!
before that Sesin and me went shopping in SBY109~
we bought some cute Lis Liza stuff~
actually i saw this outfit in ALTA-Shinjuku but didn´t bought it yet, so today i used my chance haha
so it´s from the new autumn collection!~
i really like talking to the shop staffs lately.
and in the end we always take a picture together haha
ok compared to the cute girls i always fail of course....
just look at the cute liz lisa girl haha
oh and i also got a strap for adding my cute fur ball, froom Chiara!
so, after meeting up Fredrik had the awesome idea to visit a theme restaurant!
so i really liked it BUT it was also veryyyyy scary haha
it was like a prison or smth like that!
we sat in a prison cell and the staff also wore some striped prison clothes haha
so the place was called THE LOCK UP!
here is the drink menu haha super interesting~
and this is what we ordered
i just had a 桃サワー, i really like this stuff haha
and here the whole group!
than...suddenly everything got dark and we could hear scary noises!
so it was monster time!!!
in our prison cell there also appeared 2 monsters!!!
omg i was screaming the whole time haha
sure, those guys were just some dressed up guys, but they looked super scary haha
so after this event our ordered food arrived haha
Marion, Maija and me had some yummy Takoyaki!
so here are some more informations about this restaurant
if you look for an exciting experience, i really recommend this!!! haha
thanks to Fredrik for taking us there! ^-^
so afterwards we decided to take some purikura
this purikura center is pretty famous, ´cause much stars or models goes there as well!
next time i wanna try the Nana Suzuki purikura machine!
she´s so cute haha
there also was one with Kumicky
so here is a 2nd pic from purikura tonight!
about 22:45 we went to a Karaoke-kan!
it was so much fun haha
when we got out of the elevator while leaving this place afterwards, a bunch of host boys stand in front of us haha~
it was a nice scene i guess wwww
so thank you to everyone for this nice evening!
good night ^-^


  1. GAH! Du warst Im LockUp ;;!!! Ich wär da so gern hin...aber irgendwie hatten wir nicht genug Zeit & es nicht gefunden usw....T^T

  2. Oh It looks like so much fun (*^o^*)
    I wish I was in Japan righ now...But mabye we can go and have some fun in Tokyo some time, because it looks like you know how to enjoy yourself XD

    Thank you for your great posts~♥

  3. wow so much fun ♥
    I read about that restaurant on fredrik's blog before! looks like so much fun! (with a group of friends of course lol)

    and omg *0* the purikura room is AMAZING. Ive been to japan only three times, but I have never been in a purikura room so cute!!

    I have to go to tokyo!

  4. aah, ihr ward im lock up, voll lustig dort xD
    als ich dort war gabs nur gefuehlte 50 geburtstagsdurchsagen lol

  5. The liz lisa top is so cute!!! *__* I want to see you wearing it so much!! *o* And I've head about that restaurant!! It must be so cool!! hahahaha with some show and strange drinks!! *___*

  6. Haha the reaction of the host boys! Actually it was pretty flattering i think!;)
    I'm looking forward to our karaoke all nighter as well:)

  7. Wha ! You are so lucky ! I wish I could go to Japan and go shopping for Liz Lisa and take purikura ! ;D
    By the way , I would like to invite you to my giveaway ! Enter if you like !
    Thank you !

  8. The lock up look really cool!!! :D i wish there was more creative places like that over here D: haha!
    The purikura booths all look so pretty! *-* i would be there forever just deciding which one to go to! hahaha

  9. looks fun!:) I want to see that lock up place it looks really cool!:D

  10. you all look great and like lots of fun!! T_T <3

  11. you look is very cool!!!!
    cute photos!!!! ^o^

  12. Die Puris von euch sind ja süß geworden ^-^

  13. XD Fredrik! Soo lcukyyy!
    The shop staff is absolutely cute!
    evrything looks like soo much fun!!!!!!!

  14. Ins Lock Up muss ich auch mal! xD
    Deine neuen Liz Lisa Tops sind ♥ !

    Übrigens, falls du es noch nicht weißt, die JYJ Tickets werden über eventim verkauft. So viel steht jetzt wohl schon fest. ^^