☆Tokyo Day 12☆->Ghibli museum+Odaiba

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
thank you for all your lovely comments to my last posts!
i´m so sorry, i´m very busy so i can´t answer right now. but i read them all and it makes me happy!
well, today we met my friend Keiichi at our station!
so before going to the ghibli museum we went to Shinjuku and had some drinks, ´cause it was getting super hot the last days here!
so afterwards we went to Mitaka~
from there we had to walk 20min to the museum

so finaly we reached the entrance!
so we weren´t allowed to take pictures from the inside of the museum, but the surroundings were cute as well!
group pic~
we also went to the fan shop haha
and i bought some stuff from TOTORO!!! it´s my favourite GHIBLI movie!
cute ne!!! it´s a notebook, mini towel and a charm!!!
so after the museum we went back to Shinjuku and met Fredrick and Maija!
we went to Odaiba all together!


  1. so many nice pictures!!
    I really want to visit the ghibli museum some day <3 and just tokyo in general lol

    yay cant wait til your next post! (^ ^)

  2. awwwwwwww ghibli-museum*0* <3
    will auch hin^^

  3. Ahhh Ghibli Museum! Da war ich auch schon! Soooo süß, gell? *___*
    Echt hübsche Bilder! Vermisse dort alles so sehr!
    Und das Wetter ist ja grad so genial. Hier wird es teilweise schon richtig eklig. Brrrr!

  4. Aw...Ghibli Museum ;; irgendwann geh ich da auch rein!!

    Totoro is dein Lieblingsfilm? ♥ Ich denke meiner ist mittlerweile Kiki's lIeferservice...haha ♥

  5. Oh looks great, I've always wanted to visit this museum, Im a great admire of Hayao Miyazaki, how much outside area does this museum have ?
    Should I go before it become cold again =?

  6. das ghibli museum ist so toll - ich war da schon 2 x und ich geh sicherlich noch mal hin ^^ viel spaß noch :)

  7. Great pics! I'm so jealous. I NEED to go to the Ghibli museum!

  8. wow Lovely pics!! totoro, alpakas,..KYAAA love them!!