☆Tokyo Day 10☆->new Softbank Phone + Tokyo´s HotSpots

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
well, i couldn´t update last night, ´cause i was too tired...or lazy? haha
well on Saturday we met Marions friend Kou!
so first we went to Shinjuku and he helped us getting a softbank phone~
so we could choose between two prepaid phones~
well i took this one in white, ´cause i can watch tv with it as well haha~
 so i really like it hehe

so afterwards we went to Aoyama and were looking for Omotesandô hills
so we finaly found it haha
in this area you can see maaany foreign people, so i didn´t felt this outstanding haha
so when we walked the street down we reached Harajuku~
there we went to some Okonomiyaki place!
it was so super yummy haha~
i really missed it 
ao after having some food we went to Shibuya and looked for a cheap Karaoke place~
so after having fun at Karaoke we went to the Shibuya crossroad
so after some minutes we found a nice Izakaya to spend the rest of the day!
we ordered some fried stuff~
really yummy!
i just had a beer and オレンジサワーas a drink~
after having fun at this Izakaya we went to make some プリクラ


  1. *liked* erstmal das Handy und das Essen :3

  2. This summer I also went to that okonomiyaki restaurant (^O^)

  3. awwwwww das sieht ja mal nach fett spaß aus! okonomiyaki, karaoke, tolles handy^^
    was will man mehr ne XD
    viel spaß noch^^

  4. Sind diese Handys nicht schweineteuer? xx

    Gah Okonomiyaki...ich hab mir letzten Donnerstag welche gemacht, aber ich will das Original auch wieder!! Sowas unverschämt leckeres eh...♥

  5. I saw NYC's billboard! LOL. <3 Nice phone!!! :-D


  6. Yay, ein Prepaid Handy von Softbank! Ich hatte ja einen richtigen Vertrag, da hatte m,an etwas mehr Auswahl was die modelle angeht! Aber das weiße ist auch sehr schick XD

    Viel Spaß noch!

  7. have the same phone in black (^^)d ww

  8. sooo cute!! ^w^
    I love your photos!!!!
    nice phone!!!


  9. Ich (Simmi) bin auch endlich wieder da! Mit komplett neuem Blog! q(^-^)p
    Deine Japan Posts sind genial! Freu mich jedesmal auf den nächsten!
    Von JYJ gibt's noch immer nix Neues oder?