☆Tokyo Day 2☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
 today we slept ´til 3pm in the afternoon, ´cause we were awake for about 37 hours haha
this is one of our rooms here
just filled with futons haha
so today Sesin and me went to Shinjuku, Kabukichô and Ikebukuro!
i think i will always love Ikebukuro the most! i feal so comfortable in this area.
maybe because i lived there for 2 weeks last year haha
 at Donki we thought about buying wigs or extensions
but they are quite expensive, so we think about it! hehe
in ikebukuro we went to Baskin Robbins! best ice cream ever!!!
orange and some lime mix ice cream haha
super yummy
the next street near sunshine city we talked to a nice guy haha
we also met him again when we went back ... so i guess he was a host, but he didn´t looked like those hyper styled guys from kabukichô wwwww
at sunshine city Jang Geun Suk advertised some beauty products haha
of course i had to take a pic 
 he is so cute haha
Sesin bought some Dolly Wink lashes~
somehow i don´t feel like buying anything at the moment...
i guess i just want to check prizes haha 
and it´s just too much awesome stuff here....difficult to decide!
but there are so many days left to go shopping haha
at night we went to some supermarkets and bought some food and drinks~
i don´t feel like eating at all, so mostly i buy something to drink haha~
and little snacks~
i´m curious about the day when i can eat a proper meal haha
and not just ice cream and drinks wwww
see you tomorrow!
i hope i have more motivation to take some pics haha
i´m too lazy i guess!


  1. waah so much dolly wink products! I wish I were there XD~~~~ pls do post more picture, this is really interesting =D

  2. this post is great. I love the pictures. now I'm thirsty xD I miss the japanese drinks and the food *____*
    I'm waiting for the next entry ^^


  3. nice nice ^^ gefällt mir >.< <3

  4. i like the dolly products too ^^

  5. Ich will all die sachen essen und trinken!!! Lol

  6. Ahh, schön dass ihr gut angekommen seid! Das Apartment sieht fast so aus wie meins in Ike, als ich da noch Working Holiday gemacht habe XDDD

    Ich vermisse das japanische Essen ja soooo! Genieß es!