☆Tokyo Day 17☆-> Club night / ZARU + OATH / Shibuya

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
thank you for all your lovely comments to my last posts!
on Saturday we went to Naka-Meguro and met up with Tetsuo.
there we had some dinner~
we ate yummy Nabe!
so afterwards we went through the streets and found a cute little festival haha
afterwards we went to Shibuya, to the bar ZARU!
it was so awesome!
nice music and an amazing location!
so when you´ll be in Tokyo you should really check out that bar!!!
you won´t regret it!

well afterwards Marion, Tetsuo and me went to a little bar/club ´cause there was no entrance fee this evening 
therefore we went with the Taxi, ´cause Tetsuo said it´s too far for walking (actually it wasn´t...but ok haha)
so this bar was called Oath!
it´s also located in Shibuya!
the wall was made of bricks with skulls! pretty cool!
the inside was pretty small, i really liked it!
buying night snack haha
the good thing about this club is, that you can come and go when you want~
because it´s for free haha~
Good Morning Tokyo!~
well about 6:00 we left the club and walked back to Shibuya Station!
we made a little stop at Family Mart for buying some coffe haha
i love shibuya in the morning!
just the party people walk home. it´s so empty on the streets!
here is the 109 tower~
i really like this pic haha~


  1. niiiice^^ da bekommt man lust zu feiern :3

  2. those small street festivals are so lovely ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
    next time I should check out tokyo's night life, too instead if sleeping XD it must me fun ohne ende XDD

  3. die bars sehn ja mal echt geil aus!♪♪