☆Tokyo Day 5☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
today in the morning was a big washing session hahaha
i have to say, i really love japanese washing machines! haha
afterwards Marion and me went to the post office which was pretty far away...near Tôdai! 
we had to pick up concert tickets for the end of the week~
here are some pics. some of them are from Marion, please check her tumblr!
 laundry "store"
Tôkyô Daigaku~
than we found the post office and got our tickets
on the way back we bought moomin cream puffs
i love moomins *_______*
we bought dinner while walking through this street!
tomorrow Sesin and me will go to the sunshine city in Ikebukuro !


  1. Ahhh Sunshine, ich hab da um die Ecke gelebt, ich vermisse mein Lieblingsviertel total!!! ;)

    Ich liebe die ganzen Katzen die so rumstreunern, total niedlich! <3

  2. Yummy! That food looks so good!

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  4. ahhhh awesome!
    yummy food! and adorable moomins~ >.< <3

  5. hm lecker essen - ich liebe deine berichte :) leider hatte ich noch keine zeit mal nen comment da zu lassen ^^