☆Tokyo Day 26☆-> Kyôto

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
today Marion and me went to Kyôto!
the station is really amazing, so i took a lot of pics haha
cute Marion!
so, first we looked for some restaurant, ´cause we really were hungry after 4 hours going by train and no breakfast!
yummy Udon!
after eating we felt a lot better!
actually we hadn´t any plan what we wanted to visit in Kyôto, so we just went to the streets~
near the restaurant were some temples so it was great haha
afterwards we went to Family Mart and i finally found the new Photo Book of Yui Kanno!!!
arw i was so super happy haha  
it´s so cuteee!!!
we went back to the central station and decided to take the bus to Hanazono!
but somehow our plan failed ´cause the bus system was too confusing haha
so we took the train!
confused Marion haha
YAMAPI!!!! *_________*
so finally we arrived at Hanazono station~
we looked for some temple and found one pretty fast haha
afterwards we went back to the central station and took the train back to Tokyo.
in Shibuya we went to the 居酒屋 i visited the day before~
about 23:00 we went back to Nishinippori to our apartment
about 01:00 we decided going to Karaoke
we arrived at 01:30 and noticed that the store closes at 2:00
so we just sang for 30min but it was super funny haha
we had to pay 2100Yen for 30min singing haha
THAT was a shock lol
afterwards we went to a little park drinking some ビールandサワー!
super funny!
 Marion the gost haha
well it was a pretty nice day!!
i really enjoyed it!


  1. Mein Lieblingsfoto ist definitiv das Yamapi-Werbeschild. Mwuahah...
    "I'm possible" ...HÄÄÄ? xD

    Sieht super spaßig aus und wow ihr habt echt Energie! Nach soviel Rumfahrerei, Sightseeing und allem, wäre ich einfach nur ins Bett gefallen <3

  2. Wow I was just in all these places in Kyoto just in July! Kyoto really is a beautiful place:)
    And we stayed at the Hotel at Kyoto Station so every 5 minutes we heard the stations theme song.. LOL but it's a great place for shopping, isn't it? :D

  3. I agree with Tia! Kyoto is just a beautiful place!
    Sind wieder super schöne Fotos dabei! *___*

  4. Kyouto ... da hättet ihr nach Gion gehen müssen >.<