☆Tokyo Day 30☆-> Bye Bye Tokyo, see you next year!

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
so today was the day we had to return to Germany!
nobody of us wanted to leave, but we had to...
about 7:15 we took a taxi straight to Nippori station
there we met our friend Erina!
she wanted to say good bye to us! so kind ^-^
she helped us buying our train tickets and went to the platform with us.
there she gave us some cute presents!
a picture of our group from Disneyland, green tea, a cute charm, sweets and a lovely letter!
Thank you so much <3
well the train arrived and we could see the scenery of Tokyo one last time through the window!
i will miss my caramel caffé latte from 100yen Lawson X____X"
we arrived at the airport and Marion and me had too much luggage.
i managed to pack some heavy stuff into my handbag so i didn´t had to pay!! 
but marion had to pay...annoying.. British Airways is so strict...really mean!
haha even YAMAPI said Good-Bye to us!! *__*
about 11:00 we left Japan~
we got some lunch after 30min
teriyaki chickeeennn!!
well actually i wanted to take pics of all the airplane food but i was too lazy haha
when we arrived in London Heathrow
there the european culture shock began....
the airport staff was super unfriendly, our connecting flight to Berlin had 2 hours delay....´cause the airplane had some damage and they had to get a new one.
so all the people were really pissed...than a school class from berlin joined our flight...
my mood got more worse every 5 min....
actually we should arrive in Berlin about 19:00, well we arrived 21:30...
than everywhere around the airport was traffic jam...so my parents couldn´t pick me up.
after calling them for 40min we found each other...
so i was SUPER HAPPY to be back in Europe...NOT!
i was at home about 23:30 and super tired
but i wanted to gave my family their presents and so i just spread my whole luggage through my room haha
my mom made dinner and we ate Schnitzel!!! *_______*
i really missed it haha
our one month trip to Tokyo is over now!
the time passed so fast, i really couldn´t believe it ´til the day of departure that we had to return back to Germany!
during this 4 weeks we made new friends, met our old friends, collected experiences, went to other beautiful cities except Tokyo, went to concerts and clubs, and bought toooo much stuff haha! (...)
we really had a great time there!
so i want to thank my friends who enjoyed this trip with me!
and also thanks to you guys for reading my blog all those 4 weeks and for all those great and lovely comments to my posts!
that made me really happy!
i´ll try to answer them all in the next days!


  1. Its good you had lots of fun and had the chance to experience things in a different culture! You are so lucky! :D
    I hope one day I can do something like this! It seems like so much fun :D
    I've enjoyed looking at all your interesting pictures you've taken over your trip! (^___^)

  2. It looks like you had fun in tokyo !
    You got soooo many things too !
    I'm so jealous ! I never got the chance to go to japan before !
    Hopefully I can go next year ! ^^


  3. willkommen zurück! :3

    wäre auch an deiner stelle gerne dort geblieben, aber nach ner zeit vermisst man doch schon sein gewohntes umfeld (familie und freunde)
    hauptsache du bzw ihr hattet dort eine tolle zeit!

  4. Hi NeNe! Lovely blog!
    I had to close my old blog Dudu`s great adventure, and I`m so sad about it.... So I created a new blog! Please check it out! Thank you! :3

  5. It sounded a lovely trip, I love Japan, I have so many family and friends there I miss them <3

  6. PS. that was by www.AdorableeCute.com


  7. nichts geht über ein schönes schnitzel x.x >YUUUMMI♥

  8. sounds like you had a wonderful time there, hope I can go to Japan at the end of the year~


  9. es freut mich, dass ihr so ne himmlische zeit hattet :D

    ich liebe flughäfen *____________*
    *sucht* XD ♥