☆Weekend Post -> Düsseldorf (14.10.-17.10.) Part 2 ☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
Today Thanh Thao and me visited my lovely friend Lisa in her hometown!ドキドキニコニコ
before that we went to BoBoQ and had Bubble Tea! いちごみるくラブラブ
i had caramel milk tea of course heheにひひ ラブラブ
Thanh Thao and me~ニコニコチョキ
afterwards we went to the central station, going to Lisa´s hometown~新幹線
Lisa met us at the train station!ラブラブ
arwww she is also such a cute and lovely girl! ラブラブ!ラブラブ
i was so happy to meet her finally after 2 years writing messages via Ameba and Facebook haha ニコニコラブラブ
we went to her flat and she cooked for us! 叫び割り箸
this is turkish bulgur salad! it was really yummy!ラブラブニコニコ
Lisa just eats vegan food! so it was interesting to eat such cooked food as well!チョキ
thank you!!!キスマーク
Lisa has such a lovely room! everything was pink!! i felt like being at home hahaラブラブにひひ
cute Thanh Thao!ラブラブ
cutee ne??? ラブラブ!
we leafed through some host magazines as well hahaアップ
and took pictures together!!!!カメラキラキラ
luv yaaa~!!ドキドキ
unfortunately we couldn´t spend much time at Lisa´s place.
so we left Lisa´s hometown and went back to Düsseldorf
bye bye Lisa´s hometown haha パー
Thank you Lisa!!!! i was so glad meeting you that day!!! ショック!ドキドキ
can´t wait when you´re coming to my place next year!!ドキドキキスマーク

about 19:00 we met Theresa for going to Karaoke!!カラオケ音譜
she is so pretty and nice!!! i was so glad meeting her!!ドキドキニコニコ
we went to a Korean Karaoke bar, because the Japanese one was closed.
but this bar also had japanese songs!アップ
 (c) by Theresa
 Karaoke was so much fun!!!!
thank you for taking me there!!! ラブラブニコニコ
afterwards (22:00) we had dinner in a bar which was still open haha ニコニコ
Theresa and Thanh Thao!! so cute!!!ラブラブ
(c) by Thanh Thao
our cell phones haha!携帯音譜
 Thanh Thao also has a  japanese phone. it´s a softbank one!アップ
and Theresa´s phone was so cute decorated!ラブラブショック! my phone is on the right ~
cinnamon machiato! ショック!
potato chips, salad and chicken! yummyyy~ラブラブ

it was such a wonderful day!!ドキドキアップニコニコ
thank you so much Thanh Thao, Lisa and Theresa!!!キスマーク


  1. Oha...das Foto von Thanh Thao in Lisas Raum ist unfassbar gut!!! Ihre Frisur gefällt mir sehr sehr gut **

  2. awww es war so toll *-*
    hoffentlich sehen wir uns mal iwann wieder :(

  3. Es war echt toll!! Ich will die Zeit zurückdrehen, ich sitz grad wieder hier im Büro und hab so was von keine Lust, hahaha...

  4. You and Lisa kind of look like you are sisters. :D

  5. I would've been better to say my phone is on the right instead of my phone is the right one... slightly different meaning.

  6. Lol das Foto von den Handys kam mir bekannt vor und jetz sah ich auch grad woher ich es schon kannte.
    Das klingt ja nach einer Menge Spaß und einem tollen Tag ^-^
    lg Berry