☆Tokyo Day 28☆-> Niigata

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
 today Marion, Sesin and me went to Niigata!
we went to Ueno first and reserved our seats in the Shinkansen
than we had an our left ´til the train came and we walked a little through Ueno.
than we took the train to Niigata!
yummy breakfast!
than we found the train magazine where you can buy stuff and yeah, you can buy make up for your hair hahaha we had to laugh so much~ 
Inu Yasha bus stop haha
first we went to Toki Messe! it´s a huuuge tower where you can see the whole city for free from the last floor!
Toki Messe!
those two mascots in the back are some rice grains.
Niigata is famous for their rice, so you should eat dishes with rice when you´ll visit this city!
than we went through the city straight to the ocean!
and than we finally reached the ocean!!!
i really love the ocean so i was super happy for this little trip going there!!!
before going back to Tokyo we bought dinner at Lawson!
it was a super great day!
Niigata is one of the most beautiful cities!
please go there someday ^-^


  1. RAWR,....tolle Fotos :)
    ...und immer soviel FOOD-PORN!
    Ich hab solches Fernweh :(

    btw. hat dir jemand Fotos geklaut, oder warum hat nun alles ne Watermark? :/ (immer diese Klauer!)

  2. u're having so much fun there xD~ omg I'm so jealous <33 did u go to Kyoto?

  3. Food-Porn!!!!♥
    the sea is so pretty >-<

  4. alter, das versaut all die schönen Bilder ):
    Wenn, dann mach das i.wo inne ecke oder weichgezeichneter...das sieht echt kaka aus und ich freu mich immer so auf deine Bilder !!

  5. Was für schöne Fotos. Macht richtig Lust auf Niigata. Ich muss da auch mal hin. Ich liebe das Meer genauso.

  6. Natürlich verfolge ich weiterhin den Blog ! (: Mach dir da mal keine Sorgen, ich fands / finds nur ein bisschen schade um die Bilder. deswegen hab ichs gesagt. Aber wenn du seine gründe hast, dann passt das schon.