☆Weekend Post -> Düsseldorf (14.10.-17.10.) Part 1 ☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
last weekend i visited my lovely friend Thanh Thao!ドキドキニコニコ
on Friday i took a late flight off to Düsseldorf about 20:00!飛行機
i had to wait for an hour,´cause i was to early at the airport...汗
i got a little snack in the airplane hehe
i arrived in Düsseldorf about 21:15!夜の街
Thanh Thao picked me up from the airport!ニコニコラブラブ
she is such a cute and lovely girl!ドキドキ
Thank you!!キスマーク
afterwards we headed straight to her home地下鉄
i gave a little お土産 to her and her mom プレゼント
i hope she liked it あせる
 we had a lot to talk about this evening!ニコニコ
it was really funny! クラッカー
we get along so well! ニコニコアップ
on saturday we went to the 日本デー in Düsseldorf 日本ラブラブ
this was my outfit for the day アップワンピース
the whole outfit was brown にひひ
hat: Liz Lisa
cardigan: Liz Lisa
wristband: Paris Kid´s
scarf: off brand
dress: k.corporation
bag: Galet´s
tights: S*leg promoted by Tsubasa
overknees: Tutuanna
shoes: off brand
our shadows オバケ
we went to the opening ceremony of the festival,
´cause in the beginning the kids from the japanese nursery school had a little stage play! ラブラブ!ドキドキ
they danced and sang! ラブラブショック!
they were SO CUTE!!! ドキドキラブラブ!ドキドキ
aren´t they lovely???ドキドキ
 cute Thanh Thao!ラブラブ
(c) by Thanh Thao
 after looking around the festival we went to an italian café and had some ice chocolate!ソフトクリームチョコレート
yummy! ニコニコ
afterwards we went back home and ate dinner, which Thanh Thao´s mum made! アップ
it was vietnamese curry!割り箸 super yummy! キラキラ
after dinner we went back to the festival,´cause at night there was a huge fireworks display!打ち上げ花火ラブラブ!
we were a little too early and decided to wait in a little french café while having some hot chocolate!コーヒー
it was so yummy!
about 20:45 we went back and looked for a good place for seeing the fireworks!打ち上げ花火
about 21:30 the show began!アップ
so beautiful ne!? ショック!ドキドキ
afterwards we went back home!地下鉄
düsseldorf central station にひひ

it was such a wonderful day!ラブラブ
thank you so much Thanh Thao!!!ドキドキ


  1. Gern geschehen!! Du kannst immer wieder vorbeischauen, bist immer herzlich willkommen XDD Ich vermiss dich! <3<3<3

    Ich glaub ich geh demnächst mal schauen ob die Pingus noch da sind XDDD

  2. oooh schöne bilder *_*
    das essen sieht lecker aus^^ schade dass wir uns nur so kurz sahen, du bist echt nett *-*

  3. Uwah, dein Outfit sah ja super aus *_________*

    Samstag Abend wars so unfassbar kalt xX und ich bin eine derjenigen, die den ganzen Tag draussen verbrachte xDDD

  4. You look cute! (*^^*)/

  5. Ein hübsches Outfit hattest du an! Man das war sicherlich toll auf dem Japantag, eines Tages will ich da auch mal hin ^-^
    Die Bilder vom Feuerwerk sind schön!
    lg Berry