☆Tokyo Day 27☆->Nagoya

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
today Marion and me went to Nagoya for visiting our friend Ko!
 Yamanote train!!!
well, after some hours we arrived and first we had lunch!!
super yummy, but toooo much haha!
than the boys showed us the city!
it was pretty funny!
omg this little boy was so so cute!!! *__*
cute marion and P-chan haha
even here...K-POP fanshops everywhere hahah
we also had bubble teaaa~!
marion and her beloved alpaca
we took some purikura as well~
than we went to a bar!~
than our friend took us back to the station and Marion and me went back to Nagoya central station
we took the train about 20:30 so we had some time left and went shopping near the station.
we found a center which was similar to ALTA or 109
so i bought a cute shirt, the other Yui Kanno photobook and a book for learning kanji
and here is P-chan in the train!!
what a great day!

oh btw, today is october 2nd, so it´s Ayu´s birthday!!!
she turns 33 today!
she´s my most favourite singer since 7 years now! ^-^/


  1. Ooh I used to live near Nagoya! ^^ How funny you were in my city! Glad you had fun, looks like you went to all the really GOOD places. Did you happen to visit Nagoya Passe Mall? It's a HUGE gal mall just for gyaru clothes. You should visit it sometime!

  2. nice pictures ALWAYS :)
    i like to watch your blog anytime (^^)
    does marion have a blog too?
    and do you know when oyu will go to japan again?:)